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Welcome to Honda SEO – your digital marketing experts. We help you to make more money via your website. We transform your online business generation results into solid gains to grow, thrive and succeed.

If your website lead generation is a dud, we turn it into a stud. We are experts at doing those mysterious unknown things that escalate your Google rankings with a goal of reaching and keeping the #1 spot long term. 

By increasing your search rankings, you generate more new business leads. Search Engine Optimization SEO is what makes that happen for you. If you do enough digital marketing, we really enjoy helping you to increase your new business leads up to 800%. Honestly 800%! That is a lot of new business, but you have to do it right.

We like to specialize and stay hyper focused on one thing; organic local SEO. And this gives us the ability to deliver uncommon results that most can only dream of, results that we prove to you right here on our site.

If you have wondered how your business might change with dominant #1 Google rankings, you have come to the right place because we have generated copious amounts of them. See our 100 1st page rankings page.

The more you research our site, how we work and what makes us unique, we think you are going to get very very excited about what we can do for you. Suggestion; take some time and review the 5 main links on the top navigation. Then contact us when you have questions or want to get started. Thanks a million for visiting. We are excited for your future.

Real Results: 100+ 1st Page Google Rankings

Our success: 100+ Google 1st page results. We PROVE it and SHOW YOU here.

Look At Our SEO Results

A picture is worth a thousand words! #1 is #1 as seen above twice. We generate fantastic digital marketing results that are uncommon. No convincing, no over selling, no smoke & mirrors.

Rank #1 in Google

For a Hamilton Ontario business (2 slides above)

Toronto #1 Google search result – San Francisco #1 search result

One is an hour away, 2nd is 2500 miles away. And we’re ranking #1.

Leave them in the Dust

Good news is the #1 search result gets 32% of the business. The #10 bottom result same page only gets 4%. That is an 800% difference! WOW! One gets fresh air, the others get dust & scraps.

Search Engine Optimization Drives Rankings Up

Search engine optimization are the activities and behind the scenes design elements that impact a website’s search rankings. Everyone wants to be #1 in Google and Bing, but no one knows how to get there. The more your site gets optimized, the higher your search result.

Due to the mysterious nature of Google’s algorithm and the challenges of digital technologies, search engine optimization is like a rainbow – rare and unpredictable. Plus search engine optimization is an intangible and is 95-100% visibly undetectable to the layman.

What is a business owner to do? Hire a digital marketing professional. Important: hire the best one you can find.

At Honda SEO, we have 12 years of digital marketing experience with the focus centered on straight local SEO and organic search results – the good stuff that gets you to #1 – if you do enough.

Rank #1 in Google

There is an 800% difference between being #1 & #10 on the 1st Google page. You really deserve to enjoy the view from the top!


Rank High Far & Wide

You can draw business from the next city or two nearby, if you do things right. All you need is the perfect digital company.

Eclipse Competition

Investing in digital marketing can build "trust & authority" in your website to be the top dog. It is the only place to be.

Get Wide US Ranking

If you can just as easily do business in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles or any other major U.S. city, we can get you ranked there.


Canadian Cities

From Vancouver to Mississauga to Halifax to Ottawa, draw on 35 million Canadians. Think big & build the largest digital marketing plan possible.

International Exposure

Are you internationally focused? We have generated awesome rankings in the U.K., India, Australia, Philippines and more.

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Get a professional analysis from experts to get #1 rankings in Google

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Generate Significant New Business

Search Statistics: #1 Result Gets 32% Of Business
#10 Only Gets 4%
That is an 800% Difference!

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