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About Honda SEO

  • Honda SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing company that works painfully hard to generate the best results and return on investment for its clients.
  • We have fun with our motto, “Rank #1 or miss the fun!” which is born out of direct experience. More on that later.
  • We have been doing SEO and digital marketing since 2005. We thrive on trying to overcome the challenge of the “Game of Google” and gain top rankings. We’re pretty good at it.
  • Our forte is straight organic SEO.
  • We tend to stay hyper focused on SEO versus spreading ourselves out in a modest or large variety of complimentary marketing methods; PPC, SMM, etc.
  • We would rather be outstanding or exceptional if possible in one thing, than to be pretty good in 3-4.
  • Remember how good and dominant Michael Jordan was in the NBA? Remember how things didn’t go quite so well for him when he left for baseball?
  • Our market is for small to medium sized businesses – anywhere from start-ups to $10 – $50 million companies whose marketing objectives fall roughly into one of these two categories.
  • The first one is a company of any size who operates within a localized geographic market – you own city or town – with the potential if desired to expand out to a radius spreading outwards to encompass multiple cities.
  • For example something like your city and everything possible within a 1 hour radius – or something roughly like that. We can make you very happy.
  • The second scenario is a company whose ability to generate and deliver goods and services reach far and wide.
  • For example all of Ontario, all of Canada, or the 50 largest markets in the United States might be typical – something along those lines. Maybe even internationally. We can generate those results as well.
  • Our minimum package for services is $1000. See our services and pricing page.
  • You can choose to do this monthly or one time only.
  • It is not unusual for us to recommend a lot more for the right situation.
  • We make candid and forthright recommendations in our evaluations and consultations.
  • Naturally we like to deliver results. Though we are pretty adamant at communicating information to establish fully realistic expectations which most do not have.
  • In which case one of our cornerstone pillars is we will tell you what you “need to hear” not what you “want to hear”.
  • One of our primary markets is Southern Ontario including Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and Ottawa. Though it is not unusual for us be doing business in San Francisco, Philadelphia or Chicago.

Meet Ron

  • Today Honda SEO is a sole proprietorship. Hello my name is Ron Honda. That is my mug shot to the upper right. You can use it for a dark board if you like. LOL.
  • I adopted another motto years ago; “If you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it all wrong.”
  • I am very easy going and super easy to get along with. My wife accuses me of being a pure people person. I love people and love to make new friends.
  • I have previously done a larger business model of bricks and mortar in the past; employees, payroll, overhead, government remittances, blah blah blah. Been there done that. I am just choosing to keep it simple moving forward.
  • I am more a business professional and entrepreneur than a straight techie which is more typical of this industry. So you might relate more to and appreciate those facets of my professional background; running a small corporation, minding a P & L statement. marketing and keeping the big picture in mind while running a larger entity.
  • *** My personal interests lie in helping an individual or small to medium sized company and help you to gain some thrilling increases to your bottom line, than to helping a large faceless corporation. I am very keen on personal and professional relationships.
  • Doing SEO myself, all I need is a phone, an ISP and a laptop, and I can do business anywhere in the world. I can market myself with my own services. Lucky me.
  • Where possible I like to do Facetime or Skype video calls, especially for initial consultations.
  • So I am a home based, compact, sole proprietorship.
  • For many of you out there, this is perfect as my prices are quite lean and I deliver a lot of value for it.
  • Many who review my “100 1st Page Google Rankings” page will deem my results as exceptional or out of the ordinary.
  • There is a certain sized corporation and larger that my operation does not work for. No worries. There are plenty of large SEO agencies with staff sizes of 20-40 and needing to charge $125 to $200 an hour that can handle your more complex needs and immense budgets. One size does not fit all.

Low Overhead = Good Value

  • My low overhead means good value to you.
  • For example; when I was opening a business in the past, we were planning and doing all of the tenant leasehold improvements. And I needed some electrical work done. I had a modest budget to get the doors open.
  • I got an estimate from a large reputable electrical firm; boom $6500. That gets factored into my budget. 
  • Quite by accident though, I stumble on a lead and a business card. I check these guys out and they quote me… $2200! Big difference. These guys were young and hungry.
  • Is cheaper always better? No. But in this case, they are doing the exact same work, so I pull the trigger and hire them. They do solid beautiful work. The job gets done. I am very happy.
  • And I saved $4300 I needed elsewhere.
  • A couple months later, I run into the 1st higher bid guy and ask him why there was such a difference in the price?
  • His answer; “I have overhead. I have a building and warehouses. I have several crews and trucks I need to pay for.”
  • Well that was quite the lesson in differences of business models, costs and overhead.
  • Without large overhead, I offer those similar types of value to you.
  • Questions; “Awe Ron, but your package is $1000.” ??? What gives?” That’s true. My methodologies differ in what and how much I put into what is necessary to get you those elusive results you desire.
  • Does the other guy’s $499 or $299 package look good compared to mine at a grand? On the surface yes.
  • Mine just has way more hours in it up front! That’s part of the key. Way more hours.
  • So really my $1000 CAD package is the equivalent of another guy’s $1500 or $2000 package depending on their hourly structure – which by the way almost no one talks about in this industry.
  • For the amount of hours I will put into your project in 30 days for $1000, it will take the “other guys” 8-10-12 weeks at $499 a month. Make sense? That’s basically it.
  • Are you glad you’re reading all this sluggish, long content of mine?
  • I offer value AND results. And I prove my results that you can see before you even call me. That’s my message to you.
  • I am going to estimate that you would have to go through 15-20 companies out there before you find one that can generate to type or results that I can.

Advantages of Honda SEO

  • It is estimated that in a previous endeavor, we owned the top #1 search result, if not #2 or #3, for about 80-90% of 13 years.
  • And not just one keyword and one city. But multiple keywords or services in the area of 4-5 quantity – in multiple municipalities 3-4 in quantity.
  • So think more like 4x3=12 or 5x4=20, meaning 12-20 times what normal good results might be for our competition. This was quite the business accomplishment.
  • In terms of online marketing, we owned our marketplace. Everybody knew us. I have been told as such a number of times over the years.
  • We were one of the top 4-5 businesses in our industry in a market of well over a half million people.
  • But when Google made adjustments to their “algorithm”, when you fall from #1 way up high where you are used to being ALL OF THE TIME, it is painful to experience the rate of new business decline.
  • So our motto “Rank #1 or miss the fun!” comes from direct experience, pure business pleasure and pain.
  • If you are not “having fun” now, you are going to have a gas of good time with us, meaning we are going to help you make a lot of money if you do enough SEO.
  • Remember the movie Jerry Maguire? “Show Me The Money!”
  • *** Then in another good way, things got hyper ridiculous for us when ***we developed some new SEO strategies ourselves*** that got us a boat load of silly awesome results in far away markets like Toronto, San Francisco, England, Australia, the Philippines, India and several more internationally.
  • Then our ability to market almost anywhere became wildly exciting. And we are offering this lopsided competitive advantage to you.

Early History

  • The seeds of this online marketing story were planted in 2001. A good buddy Martin was an incredible web designer and online entrepreneur. We were involved in a business together and became really tight. We would hang out every Wednesday night for years and do “internet stuff”.
  • He had a network of websites, one was pulling in 100,000 unique visitors a month which is wildly massive volume.
  • In 2003, when I was opening a business, Martin built my website. It was all custom with mountains of graphic design and coding – way before all this simple technologies of today’s marketplace.
  • I think I was one of the very first few non webmasters to have my own content management system (cms) which allowed me to construct and optimize my own pages. It was wildly cool.
  • I had a lot of power with what I could do online. This was a partial key to my dominance mentioned above. I was a serious pioneer back in the day.
  • By 2010, I evolved into adopting WordPress which made it better and better for me in many ways.
  • And now this site, I built it all myself on a platform called Divi which is going to help me dramatically further.
  • For those who need a full site rebuild – now probably because your lack responsiveness (mobile ready), I highly recommend WordPress & Elegant Theme’s Divi or Extra theme platforms. If push came to shove and you are really drawn to my work, I could even be hired to build you a site! Just know this; you could get it cheaper out there, but mine would already have a heavy heavy SEO platform and basis built in since SEO is my gig.

Key Point

  • The key take away from this boring back story is this; at one point I was visiting with Martin and he was cranking away at ton of work on a project. And he says to me, “Hey check this out” and he pointed to his printer. There was a quarter to a third inch stack of modestly rumpled printed documents on it.
  • As I picked it up and started to review its contents, he says “Those all came in this week.” They were all requests for bids on web design projects!
  • I would estimate there were about 25-30 in the stack.
  • The crazy part; he didn’t care and said he was not going to respond to any of them. He was too busy as it was.
  • Here he has boat loads of new business opportunities, and he was going to just pass on this preposterous mountain of leads. Unbelievable. They had zero value to him because he had so much coming in. He simply had way way more than he wanted or knew what to do with.
  • How would you like to have that much business coming at you? Absolutely to die for!
  • To further my amazement, he added “That happens all the time” – meaning high volumes of new business opportunities were coming in with regularity. More than he would ever know what to do with.
  • And it was so much, too much for Martin, it was the old expression “like shooting fish in a barrel” – just super ridiculous easy.
  • Well this is one of the guys I learned lots from. LOTS! And I bring those advantages to you in my work.
  • In the future, look for my “Empowerment Program” to emulate something along the lines of this story for yourself.

Built On Character

  • I do have a unique bend to myself; my personality and my decision making are hyper vigilant on character, ethics, honesty, integrity and trust.
  • I am dead set on the truth. Good or bad, the truth is the truth. And you and I deserve to know about it whatever it may be.
  • So you can use your imagination with those comments and make a list of vocations I would not excel at. LOL. Though I do say that seriously. Why? My hyper honesty is seriously to your advantage.
  • SEO is a tough business – not for me, but for you the consumer, the business owner, entrepreneur or general manager.
  • Everyone with a website needs SEO. Everyone! Many just don’t know that they do need it. Most don’t do any online marketing at all or very little.
  • Most also have no idea what SEO even is. Knowing that is way to your advantage.
  • And it doesn’t help that you cannot see SEO, feel it or touch it. You only see the results or the lack thereof.
  • While there are many good reputable firms out there – many – unfortunately there are others who just cannot deliver the goods for you.
  • Please don’t get crazy on me or misunderstand my message; I am not implying that there is fraudulent non sense out there. It is just that there are some who just cannot deliver the results you seek.
  • And if they set you up with false or unrealistic expectations because they want and need your business badly, well shame on them – and you might lose out. These is always next year’s budget and another season of lost wasted time.

Protect Yourself

  • All I am saying is take your time and choose wisely.
  • I have heard stories of multiple companies out there investing $15,000 to $20,000 into SEO with some yahoo other company, and they got ZERO results. Zero zip nada. That is a crime. I hate to deliever donuts.
  • I like results and I want you to get yours too. So if you’re looking at a few other SEO company’s websites out there, how do you know if they are any good? It’s kind of a crap shoot. Roll the dice. Flip the coin. Throw the dart. Hey I’m just being honest.
  • I’ve seen many many many companies out there doing SEO in big markets and small who cannot get themselves on anything but the 3rd 4th or 5th Google page or lower.
  • They are not doing gang busters of business unless they are shelling out huge huge huge bucks for PPC and other advertising.
  • If their organic results are sad and poor, do you think they can get really good ones for you? Highly doubtful. Roll the dice. It is a gamble. Pick wisely.
  • I wish for you it was like getting your car repaired, and you could take it to any one of 10 different places and you are picking up your car all fixed at the end of the day. It’s not that simple in SEO.
  • It’s not that way in SEO because it’s a competition for the elusive #1 search result and because SEOs have to play Google’s mysterious guessing game of knowing what to do to generate results and figuring out their algorithm.

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