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In internet business, we all know you need to shoot for the top, rank up high, be #1. But most do not fully understand search engines and most of all how much business is at stake.

If you are not at the #1 top ranking, tremendous business is passing you by.

The top #1 search result gets 32% of the business! These are the online statistics. Results #6-10 average about 4% each or less. Forget it if you are on the 2nd or 3rd page.

That is an 800% difference if you are not #1 and ranking low. 800% !!! 

Most companies do insuffcient amounts of proper SEO. If you are not getting results like ours, well… then we need to talk.

Uncommon SEO Results

Yes you can rank high in Google in Toronto Canada , San Francisco California and/or London England as seen above. Focused high end digital marketing can take you to the promised land of building business.

Are These Rankings Possible?

Yes these results are real and they can be yours too. It is not easy or quick. It takes a lot of time and super strategic search engine optimization of a veteran search expert. For many who invest in SEO, they think they are doing a lot just by doing some, but the mistake is they are not doing enough to generate the results desired.

Google Wizard

Someone once nicknamed me “Google Wizard” when they saw validation of my results. (true story) They continued, “All businesses would die for what you can do.” That is about as close to Harry Potter as I am going to get I guess. LOL

Important Things to Know about SEO

Why Emphasize Proof So Much?

When we show you our real results above, you can validate truly what we have accomplished. We want you to have confidence in your decision making. On results, we really wish you knew what we know. That is why we emphasize proof & results.

You Emphasize Results A Lot Too

While similar, proof & results are different. Proof is yes we generated rankings. Results are how high up they are. Some can generate good results. Few can generate exceptional ones. We have been spoiled with our own rankings for years and years.

Too Good To Be True

We know you might be skeptical. Our results are mind boggling, uncommon and flat out rare. Unbelievable is an understatement. Our competition must hate us. If others cannot get themselves or their clients at least on the first page, how good are they really?

Find An SEO You Trust

Same as with others you do business with, find a solid trustworthy company you feel good about. Watch how much care they put into getting you what you want & how brutally honest they are or are not with you. Can you tell? Is the person you are dealing with the SEO specialist themselves or a sales person? I would ask.

Choosing An SEO Company

We recommend doing a free site evaluation with us. Take your time. Compare the fit with 2 factors; 1) Realistic results anticipated and 2) Your overall needs & fit with the SEO company. Ask hard questions. How much commitment do they want? Can you back out within a short time if necessary? Watch out for contracts locking you in!


Manage Your Expectations

Don’t assume anything. Many who invest in SEO don’t get desired results. There are good & bad companies. Ask questions regarding results anticipated, realistic expectations, how much it will cost & how long it might take. Honestly most companies do not do enough SEO. The problem is they are not told as such and then expect too much.

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Search Statistics: #1 Result Gets 32% Of Business
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