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By making strategic investments in SEO Mississauga and digital marketing and selecting the right company, you can achieve lofty advantages in Google rankings.

Two decades ago and prior, companies could gain one of the largest advantages by simply paying for more advertising in the phone books. The younger generation may have no idea about what I speak of now. The larger ads would be placed “up front” in front of all of the competition. You simply bought the big advantage with committing to greater monthly advertising expenses. Those simple days are gone.

Introducing Honda SEO. We specialize in making those unknown mysterious changes to your website code and more that generates those highly coveted search engine rankings. You can’t buy the rankings. But if – if – if you hire the right company, those #1 rankings just might be yours.

Honda SEO is one of those rare right companies. How can you know for sure? We prove it to you right here on this website while you are still trying to select a digital marketing company. See our 100 1st page Google rankings page and you will probably be quite impressed with our rare and uncommon results.

We can help you to be on the first page for Google. And if it is done correctly, we can help you to attain the top #1 search result – which by the way has a 400% – 800% advantage over most of the rest of the 1st page alone.

Key point: Internet statistics validate that the top #1 search result gets 32% of all internet traffic. Also on the 1st page, search results #s 6 to 10 average at or below 4% each. By comparing each result in the bottom 1/2 of the 1st page to the #1 result shows us an 800% difference in results. EIGHT HUNDRED PERCENT! 

800%! That is HUGE! A very big difference that represents a lot of business that is going elsewhere if you are not at least on the first page bottom half. Forget it if you are on the 2nd or 3rd page – they barely get crumbs.


Fantastic results that we PROVE to you

SEO Mississauga Results

We generate fabulous rankings that are uncommon. A picture is worth a thousand words! #1 in Mississauga or #1 in San Francisco. When you really know what you are doing, it’s all the same thing.

Rank #1 Anywhere You Choose

1) Hamilton business above
2) Search result Mississauga #1
3) Search result San Francisco #1
4) Your home town or a foreign city 2500 miles away. We’ll rank you anywhere you strategically choose.

There’s Nowhere Like #1

(Above) We generated the #1 Mississauga result in 2014 and the #1 San Francisco result in 2015. Neither has budged since. Solid profitable results. We have achieved something like this on 5 continents.


At Honda SEO, we have tremendous success generating large quantities of 1st page and #1 search results. By visiting our “rankings” page, you will discover that we have had fantastic success gaining mind boggling rankings all across Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and a handful of other international cities like Sydney, New Delhi and Manila for example.

We suggest gaining every online advantage possible and climbing to the top of the rankings by doing lots of search optimization. And not just doing lots of it, doing it with the right company. That is a significant the key. Honda SEO has 12 years experience in digital marketing – an industry where in 3-5 years you are considered a solid professional.

One of our advantages is we like to focus and specialize on one thing; local SEO and organic results. Do one thing and do it repetitively lots and lots over time to achieve uncommon results that most can only dream of. Sure there are other internet marketing activities like “pay-per-click”, social media marketing and much more, but organic search yields the greatest results by far.

Whether your marketing focus is something like Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and Vaughan, or if it includes a larger 1 hour radius and 12 to 15 cities around Mississauga, we can fully take care of your needs. You’ll be very happy. We can help you to generate a lot of leads.

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Search Statistics: #1 Result Gets 32% Of Business
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That is an 800% Difference!

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