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Are you interested in increasing your growth rates and market share? Are you seeking to expand into new markets or introduce new products or services? It would be a miracle in today’s business climate if you could accomplish any of this without SEO Ottawa and digital marketing.

While business trends in the internet age have been influenced by many companies and technologies, few would argue the profound dominant impact of Google. If you want to succeed today, you have to master Google and master getting high search rankings. And if you don’t become the expert yourself, then you have to hire one.

Welcome to Honda SEO – your SEO Ottawa specialists. We have been wildly successful at search engine optimization (SEO) since 2005. We can help you to achieve those highly sought after lofty advantages in Google rankings.

Apologies as this might sound over-the-top or ludicrous. We just happen to have the good fortune of benefitting from copious amounts of fantastic search results for years and years on end, so we’re a little spoiled.

We have long experienced highly favorable and unique research results. But unlike most others, we don’t just say so. We SHOW you! Check our 100 1st Page Google Rankings page, and you’ll discover we have generated hundreds of highly advantageous Google rankings – with large quantities of them at the very top #1 search result.

Allow us to take this one step further. Yes we have generated copious high search rankings. But the super hard stuff is when it is not in or near your own home town. For example in the following section, for a Hamilton based business, we generated #2 Google search results in… Montreal and #2 search results in…. the U.K. – yes indeed Birmingham England. And this is not a Hamilton company with an office in England. This is a search result 3,500 miles away. Impressed?

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