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In today’s competitive business world, it helps to gain every advantage possible. Some of the very largest gains come from building your website’s potential to rank at the top of the search engines, but only the fortunate few truly benefit from this lofty goal. By making solid investments in SEO Toronto and digital marketing and choosing the right company, you can achieve those same advantages.

Welcome to Honda SEO. We specialize in search engine optimization, the technical behind the scenes tasks that gives your website the advantage and escalates its climb up the rankings in search engines. We can help you to be on the first page for Google. And if it is done correctly, we can help you to attain the top #1 search result.

Many people do not know how fun it can be to be #1 on top in Google. Fun? Key point: Internet statistics show that the #1 search result gets 32% of all search traffic. While also on the 1st page, search results numbers 6 to 10 average at or below 4% each. Forget about it if you are on the 2nd, 3rd page or lower.

So comparing the bottom half of the first page to the #1 result literally shows us an 800% difference in results. (8x4=32) EIGHT HUNDRED PERCENT! WOW! OMG. That is a very big difference and it represents a lot of business that is going to someone else if you are not now at least on the bottom half of the first page. Proper SEO Toronto and digital marketing can put in a very blessed position.

100+ 1st Page Google Rankings: REAL PROOF

We have achieved fantastic results galore.

SEO Toronto Results

We generate fantastic digital marketing results that are uncommon. A picture is worth a thousand words! #1 in Toronto or #1 in San Francisco. It’s all the same to us. We have the expertise to make it happen for you too.

Rank #1 & Have Fun

1) A Hamilton business above
2) Google search result Toronto #1
3) Search result San Francisco #1
4) One is an hour away, 2nd is 2500 miles away. Awesome results and very powerful.

Best View Is On Top

We generated the #1 Toronto result in 2010 and the #1 San Francisco result in 2015. Neither have budged since. Rock solid and…. FUN! And we have done this or something close on at least 5 continents.


At Honda SEO, we have attained large quantities, extremely large quantities of first page and very top of the first page search results. Visit our 100 1st page of Google rankings page, you will find that we have had tremendous success attaining outstanding rankings all across the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and other international cities. Many would consider this to be quite an accomplishment. And it is. Toronto SEO is the key!

Whether your focus is narrow perhaps like Toronto, Markham and Scarborough only, or if it includes a larger one hour radius and includes 10 to 12 municipalities around Toronto, we can make you very happy. We can help you to generate a lot of business. Remember how big of a difference that 32% versus 4% statistic is.

So if you would like to gain every advantage possible and climb to the top of the rankings, you have come to the right place. We have 12 years experience in SEO Toronto, a budding world where in 3-5 years you are considered a solid professional.

And while there are many accompanying internet marketing activities like “pay-per-click”, Facebook marketing and much more, we like to specialize and focus on one thing primarily; organic local SEO – SEO Toronto -the hard stuff, the good stuff that generates the greatest amount of business. Focus on one thing and do it relentlessly and repetitively, learning lots continuously, to achieve results that most…. can only dream of.

Whether you are a small to medium size business, we can help you increase your growth rates and thrive. We can help to outpace your competition like you have never imagined possible. And if you are not yet one or two or three most dominant companies in your industry in the GTA, we can help you to become just that.

Everything is Google these days and everything needs to be marketed online. The advantage goes to those companies that invest properly and wisely into search engine optimization and most importantly finds the right company who can help you to achieve those results. As some have found out, not all SEO is created equal. So do your research and choose wisely.

Because SEO is an intangible, it is rather difficult to understand and evaluate properly. We invite you to review the five main links on the top of the page navigation. By doing so, you will gain insight and valuable information to help you to make an effective decision in choosing a professional SEO company for yourself. We appreciate you visiting our website and wish you all the best in your professional and personal endeavors.

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