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What Is SEO?

  • SEO huh? Search engine optimization? Who da what? I beg your pardon? (confusion) LOL Most people have no idea what it is, so don’t feel bad. For a small few, their thoughts are vague and limited.
  • “SEO” (S E O – 3 letter acronym) as it is known in digital marketing is a variety of technical design elements to your website plus external factors that impacts your Google rankings. It is what you do to your website to generate rankings and new business.
  • Most seek out the help of their web designer to get search optimization done and this is a natural choice. But you can also seek out the services of an SEO specialist.
  • Search engine optimization is a highly technical and broad field of endeavor. There are certainly some web technologies that apply to both web design and SEO.
  • But there are many additional medium and highly technical aspects to search optimization that would give the advantage to the SEO specialist as they will dig many levels deeper to gaining the best results possible for you.

The Mysteries Of SEO

  • Poor search rankings are painful! Why is getting ranked #1 in Google so hard? Everyone wants to be #1, but no one knows how to get there.
  • The difficulty is there is only one number one and everyone wants to be there. It’s a competition. But more importantly, SEO is a highly technical specialty that is difficult to master.
  • Additionally the majority of results of search optimization tasks are things that one generally never sees with the naked eye. So when you go to five or 10 websites, how would you know which ones have good optimization and which ones do not?
  • A digital marketing professional can determine much about a website in five minutes or less. But that takes skills and expertise; knowledge of analytics tools, search engine and algorithm behaviour as well as technical knowledge in a modest to a good variety of “software types” of technologies that relate to web design and the internet.

SEO Effort = Results

  • “Generally speaking” the more SEO you do, the higher your results. But all search optimization is not equal.
  • If you took 25 SEO professionals and give them 20 hours of work, you would get dramatically different results. Why? Ranking is a competition. There is only one #1 result.
  • It is not like fixing your car where 25 places can all do the same work.
  • In Google & Bing, the name of the game is ranking higher than your competition and staying #1 long term if you can.
  • In search engine optimization, there are well over 50 variables that need to be addressed that impact results. 50 variables creates a lot of “recipes”.
  • Not all digital marketing professionals do things the same. I might estimate that 15-20 of those 50 variables will get done by all 25 search specialists.
  • And in 30-35 items, there is great differentiation on what gets done.

Rank #1 in Google

There is an 800% difference between being #1 & #10 on the 1st Google page. You really deserve to enjoy the view from the top!


Rank High Far & Wide

You can draw business from the next city or two nearby, if you do things right. All you need is the perfect digital company.

Eclipse Competition

Investing in digital marketing can build "trust & authority" in your website to be the top dog. It is the only place to be.

Get Wide US Ranking

If you can just as easily do business in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles or any other major U.S. city, we can get you ranked there.


Canadian Cities

From Vancouver to Mississauga to Halifax to Ottawa, draw on 35 million Canadians. Think big & build the largest digital marketing plan possible.

International Exposure

Are you internationally focused? We have generated awesome rankings in the U.K., India, Australia, Philippines and more.

How To Choose Wisely?

  • What is a business owner to do? You obviously want the best results for your investment in online marketing.
  • We recommend doing your research, getting a good referral and taking your time. Knowledge is power.
  • You will find a lot of choices with a lot of differences. Which one is the best fit for you?
  • Most firms offer a free consultation. Do your research and do the consultation after narrowing choices.
  • Selecting an SEO company quickly is taking a gamble. Most of them will say the same generalized things to you. “We can get you this. We can get you that.”
  • But we are hoping that you have not discovered the bad news “by direct experience already” (strong hint hint); not all SEO companies can deliver what you want.
  • Avoid expensive mistakes. Choose an SEO company carefully and wisely. Rushing things in this realm is bad, particularly rushing in choosing your company.

Solid Visual SEO Proof

  • Honda SEO has 12 years of experience in SEO specialization. We show you our proof of rankings.
  • Most companies who will tell you what you want to hear and not what you need to hear. Everyone says the same thing. But where is the proof?
  • “Show me the money!” Many offer nothing than a sales pitch. They tell you what you want to hear to get you to buy.
  • Many who invest in SEO do not get the results they desire. We are just being honest.
  • Important: so the $64,000 question is, “Who do you listen to?” The wisdom of the ages says you should only listen to those who have the results and can do exactly what it is you seek.
  • At Honda SEO, we show you our proof. There are no guarantees. But at least we show you a fantastic dose of our reality. We look at hundreds of our competition sites in many markets, hundreds. It is beyond rare for any to show you the proof of results as we are. Why? Humm… ???
  • Remember the movie Jerry Maguire? “Show me the money!”

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